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To me discussing fairytales is somewhat intimidating, as they’ve become the subject of many a psychology essay, as well as topic for important studies.
Although right now, when their importance should have been made clear, classical fairytales are no longer being told.

They feel inappropriate and it seems necessary to alter them, to change them into something where the educational teachings are in plain sight.
As a child I kept asking to be told stories, and when my son was born I sought to do the same for him.
But after doing some research I was shocked. Those stories were full of gruesome or inane events. I couldn’t just go ahead and tell them to my son!
At the time he was going to Steiner School and they insisted that for children it is absolutely necessary to know the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales, unadultered.

So I picked them up again. I found some that had charmed me completely as a child, and I couldn’t explain to myself why.
Of others, I found the originals simply unacceptable.

As I read them I found out that just about all of them had little to no educational value and incomprehensible morals.

Nevertheless I was hooked, and kept wondering about their nonsensical messages in my head.

Slowly I began to figure out some of those conundrums.

I would like to talk about them, to tell why I found that it’s important to tell the stories as they’ve always been told.

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